We ADVOCATE for animals and the environment. We believe that it is our responsibility to provide products that do not cause harm in anyway to our planet or our animal friends, but rather spread a message of standing up for those who are not able to speak for themselves. 

We as consumers can ADVOCATE for animals by putting thought into our everyday purchases by choosing not to support companies that cause harm or include animal by-products into their merchandise and provided services. 

We give back to our community by donating 10% of all proceeds from every item sold to the Farmhouse Garden Animal Home. 

Part of showing compassion for all living beings is keeping their home clean, safe and beautiful, with that in mind we do our part for the environment by making sure that all our apparel is vegan, sustainable and Eco-conscious. All our fabrics are made from 50% Organic cotton and 50% RPET Recycled polyester (made from plastic bottles). 

Because we love our human people friends too all of our apparel is Fair-Trade and sweat shop free.